A unique insight into the island life of Curaçao

Nationaal Archief

Het Nationaal Archief in The Hague is the largest public archive institution in the Netherlands. Havana Harbor got to work on the campaign strategy and implementation for the annual exhibition, this year having Curaçao in a leading role.

Strategy & Concept
Civic and public


The sensitivities of this job made us realise instantly we had to work with local talent whenever we could. Selwyn De Wind, local filmmaker and photographer, delivered a beautiful treatment and photographed and filmed local heroes accordingly. While developing the campaign, Sewlyns work became an integrated part of the exhibition, giving the people of Curaçao living in the Netherland and other visitors a unique insight into island life.

Creative Solution

An amazing set of photographs were shot on Curaçao, blending the campaign and exhibition into one. We deliberately selected people that are locally well-known, and not necessarily internationally. Behind-the-scenes videos and interviews were used to tease and engage our audience, and the eye-catching photographs of Selwyn de Windt were used for on and offline campaign, as well as exhibition materials.

Research taught us that a campaign often gives people a very limited impression of an exhibition. Logically, because they usually get to see mostly old archival records. This campaign is more blended with the actual exhibition. It makes the campaign more meaningful.

Henk Haaima
Creative Director at Havana Harbor