Don't go for the usual. Go for sunglasses.

GrandVision Solaris

From Grandvision HQ more then 15 countries are provided with social strategy and creatives for their owned and paid social media content, including influencer management for Solaris. Havana Harbor and Daily Dialogues work together with the global marketing team to provide them with year round advice on commercial campaign and content management. Also executing all creative work.

Social concept
Content creation
Social media & Campaign


Today, there’s no sunglasses banner which provides a differentiating and unique ritual for a gifting experience for sunglasses. Solaris wants to turn their stores into a destination for gifting sunglasses. How can we inspire consumers not to go for the ordinary gifts, get them out of their comfort zone change the perception of sunglasses as a top-of-mind gift?

Creative Solution

We created a handwritten and marker style that ‘corrects’ the type. In this way the usual gifts make place for the unexpected gift: sunglasses. The concept has been translated into an integrated digital and in-store experience.